Welcome to the vibrant city of Porto, where history, culture, and gastronomy intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. As you embark on your journey through this enchanting city, we want to ensure that you don't miss out on the must-see attractions and hidden gems that define Porto's charm. NOTE: It is mandatory to explore the narrow streets, taste the delicious local cuisine, and indulge in the magical atmosphere that the city has to offer.

If you're traveling to Porto, you probably already know that it's a city full of history, delicious gastronomy, and a vibrant hub of art and culture!

Surely, you’ve heard of the famous (and delicious) Port Wine, so why not start this journey through the city by visiting the Port Wine Cellars? They’re located in Cais de Gaia, on the other side of the river, where you can take a tour of the cellars, learn about wine production and, of course, have a tasting!

After that, cross the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge, which connects the city of Vila Nova de Gaia to Porto. Besides being an impressive architectural masterpiece, you’ll find breathtaking views overlooking the city of Porto and the Douro River. (It’s also one of the hottest spots to take incredible selfies to share with your friends and family.)

On the way, you can also admire the beautiful São Bento Railway Station, considered one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. It is renowned for its hand-painted azulejo tiles, that portray many historical moments.

After this adventurous walk, there's nothing like snacking on something healthy to replenish your energy. And when it comes to food, we've got you covered! Our restaurant is THE must-visit spot on your itinerary. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of creative dishes made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. Also, we cater to various dietary needs, with gluten-free and lactose-free options available. The atmosphere is modern and inviting, and the best part is that we’re open from 8am until 11pm, so you can enjoy healthy options not just for lunch or dinner, but also for breakfast and snacks. There are no excuses not to enjoy these delights!

After a well-deserved break, continue strolling through downtown and get ready to witness a breathtaking landscape and enjoy the most beautiful sunset with a privileged view! Make sure your shoes are on tight and head to Jardim das Virtudes. This garden offers a privileged view of the Douro River and the city. As the sun sets on the horizon, the colors of the sky transform into warm and gentle shades, creating a truly magical scenery that will certainly be etched in your memory.

We want you to show us everything! Take photos of your chosen itinerary and, of course, the dish you've selected! Just tag us @nolakitchen.porto. ???? Visit us, we'll welcome you with open arms.