Are you ready to crack open a new world of egg flavors? At NOLA KITCHEN, we're flipping the script on traditional egg dishes and serving up something truly special. Our eggs are unlike anything you've seen before, so if you’re looking for some delicious meal, come to NOLA KITCHEN and let us show you why we’re egg-ceptional.

The mighty egg! Who doesn't love these versatile little gems? From scrambled to poached, fried to boiled, eggs have a special place in our hearts and plates. But did you know that eggs are also a nutritional powerhouse? Packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, these beauties are a great addition to any healthy diet.

At NOLA KITCHEN, we're all about using the freshest, most flavorful ingredients available, that's why we prioritize using seasonal and nutritionally balanced ingredients in all our dishes. When it comes to our eggs, we only use the best quality because we believe that, the better the ingredients, the better the taste, character, and overall health benefits of the dish.

And if you're looking for a place that knows how to make eggs and you're tired of the same old options such as the not-so-funny Benedict, look no further than NOLA KITCHEN.

We have five dishes, where eggs are the stars, that will make your mouth water, all made with care and attention to detail. First, we have the Salty Pancake, a tasty and fluffy pancake topped with a perfectly fried egg that’ll surely turn your mornings (or evenings) a little brighter. Next, we have the Egg “Burger” with the unique flavor of the oyster mushrooms mixed with house made vegan cheese sauce giving the perfect balance of savory and sweet. The Egg White Omelet is THE OPTION for a very healthy and light meal while keeping ALL the flavor, with the addition of our salty Gra-NOLA. The delicious Shakshuka with eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce served with flatbread, is perfect for a hearty brunch. Lastly, the Eggs and Rice is a colorful and satisfying option with fried eggs like you've never had before.

Our entire staff is excited to meet you and give you a taste of the world of NOLA KITCHEN in a cool place in the center of the city, so that you can enjoy the wonders we can offer you! Come and take your breaks at our restaurant! And remember, at Nola there are no strict schedules, no pre-set meals, you are free to eat and drink what you want, no matter what time it is.

Bring all your egg-citement to our restaurant and let yourself be delighted by our specialties. Be sure you take your own pictures of your beautiful dish and tag us @nolakitchen.porto