There are a lot of moments in life that all we need is a delicious pancake, even if it’s after hours. Or we’re craving a big salad early in the morning. There’s no judging at NOLA KITCHEN! We offer you a unique gastronomic experience without any restrictions related to our menu. Instead, we invite you to taste pancakes, salads, eggs or smoothies at any time of the day, in a relaxed vibe that will make you feel at home.

We don’t follow any rules or labels (did you know NOLA means no labels? Everything is homemade) and we don’t believe there’s a specific hour of the day to eat any type of food. Here you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner whenever you like. When it comes to food, especially healthy food, time zones are overrated. There’s freedom in that, don’t you agree?

That’s why our menu is flexible. Instead of limiting our clients to a specific menu for each hour of the day, we let you choose the food you want at any time according to your preference. This relieves all the stress and pressure of running to get on time to a place for lunch until 3pm, we adjust yo your schedule and lifestyle because we all know that time is luxury nowadays so we created (unlimited) options for you! Once again, freedom! Our kitchen is always open to welcome you and to make you delicious dishes to enjoy by yourself or with a group of friends.

And speaking of our menu, at NOLA KITCHEN, we understand the importance of healthy eating and the impact it can have on your overall wellbeing. That's why we pride ourselves on using only high quality ingredients to create our dishes. We believe that this provides our customers delicious and healthier meals. In addition, we are constantly updating our menu to include new and innovative dishes, so there is always something new to try at our restaurant. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or have any restrictions, we have something for everyone.

NOLA KITCHEN is more than a restaurant; it is an experience that gives you the freedom to enjoy delicious food in an inviting atmosphere where you can chat with friends or family, or even work on your laptop. So, if you're looking for a cool, welcoming, and relaxed spot to enjoy a meal, we are the place. Come and meet us to experience this no labels concept and have your pancakes for your dinner! ???? Don't forget to tag us when you post your cool photos on Instagram!