When it comes to treating yourself to desserts, there’s no need to compromise your healthy goals. At NOLA KITCHEN, we believe that food can be both flavorful and nourishing. We carefully craft our desserts to delight your taste buds, while ensuring your well-being. Our delectable creations are made with wholesome ingredients and innovative recipes, ensuring a guilty-free indulgence that will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished. 

Traditional desserts often contain high amounts of refined sugar, unhealthy fats, and artificial additives, which can contribute to weight gain, increased risk of chronic diseases and other health issues. However, our guilty-free desserts aim to provide alternatives that are lower in calories, sugar, and fat, while still delivering on taste and indulgence. 

Sink your teeth into the velvety richness of Chocolate Cake! We use high-quality ‘Lindt Chocolate 70%’, chickpea flour, and serve it with date-miso caramel. Each moist and fudgy bite is a delight for chocolate lovers. 

For those craving a combination of cocoa and peanuts, NOLA KITCHEN offers the irresistible Snickers Ball. This guilty-free treat is made with homemade coconut flower syrup, combined with peanut butter and ‘Lindt Chocolate 70% & Peanut’. Indulge in the satisfying crunch and sweetness of this guilty-free alternative to the classic candy bar. 

We proudly create exquisite desserts using homemade ingredients instead of relying on industrialized products. Our dedication to quality and flavor is evident in every delightful creation we offer, including our Panna Cotta. When it comes to it, we strive to capture the essence of tropical flavors. To elevate the overall experience, we pair it with a homemade Pineapple Chutney that strikes a perfect balance between tanginess and sweetness. 

By carefully handcrafting each component of our desserts, we ensure that every bite is a testament to our dedication to quality and taste. We believe that this commitment to craftsmanship shines through in each dessert we serve, providing our customers a truly exceptional and memorable experience.