NOLA — stands for No Labels — is a new kitchen concept where real food comes first and people are united by a common belief: that real, healthy and tasty food makes us both healthier and happier.
Being NOLA is a refusal of the food that hurts our health and that’s why refined sugars and flours, as well as processed ingredients or preservatives are not allowed in our kitchen. We believe in the power of real food: more vegetables and ethically sourced, better quality meat and fish. We do not believe in one right diet, but in one right way of eating, what we call: THE NOLA WAY OF LIFE.

Healthy Food



Being NOLA is a refusal of food products that threaten our health.

We do not use refined sugars or flours, processed ingredients, preservatives or food colouring in the confection of our dishes, drinks and desserts.


We stand united by real food and we dream of a world where people eat better, live longer and feel happier.


Seg-Qui: 10H–22H
Sex-Sáb: 10H–23H
Dom: 10H–22H

Praça Dona Filipa de Lencastre
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